Happy Mothers Day To You All.. We are here to Make Your Life Easier.. Buy Your Kirana/Grocery Online In Nashik and Ger Free Home Delivery Above Rs. 1000/- You Can Place Order by Online Shopping, or By E-Mail to Info@nashikgrocery.com, or by WhatsApp or CALL to 9545930900. Read http://nashikgrocery.com/shipping-rates/ for Shipping Rates.

Shipping Rates

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Shipping / Delivery Rates For The Kirana / Grocery Products, With Home Delivery At Your Door Step.

See; First of all our main motive is to not earn Money from the Delivery Charges; but we use to earn Little on the Kirana / Grocery items which you shop.

The reasons of charging you some amount of delivery charges for the Home Delivery of your Kirana / Grocery Items at your Door Step are; it costs us:

1)    Huge Weight.

2)    Manpower.

3)   Time.

4)    Vehicle.

5)    Petrol.

6)    Labour.

7) We provide your Personalized and Respected Service.

What is the Shipping Rates at NashikGrocery.Com for Kirana / Grocery items Home Delivery ( at your Door Step ) :

1)    Free Home Delivery On or Above the Shopping of Rs. 1000/- .

2)    Rs. 40 – For Same Day Delivery, for the shopping of less than Rs. 1000/- .

3)    Rs. 30 – For Tomorrow Delivery, for the shopping of less than Rs. 1000/- .

4)    Rs. 20 – For Day After Tomorrow Delivery, for the shopping of less than Rs. 1000/- .

5)    No Delivery Charges On or Above Rs. 1000/- but you can Get Delivery as per Your Requirement i.e. Same Day, Tomorrow, or Day After Tomorrow.

6)    You can write NOTE in the Order Page, about the Time in which you want the Delivery of your Kirana / Grocery, or You Can also Call us at 9545930900 and Say Your Time of Delivery.

Or if you are not present at all that day at your Home Please Give Money to Your “Watchman” or “Neighbour” and Tell them to Receive Your Kirana / Grocery from NashikGrocery.Com in the absence of You, and also Please Inform Us by E-Mail at info@nashikgrocery.com  or Can also Call Us at 9545930900 and tell your Time and the name of the Person to whome we will Delivery your Kirana, Grocery Product.

If you will calculate these all, you will come to know that “Our Rates Are Very Very Less” and Genuine.

Just Imagine, that you are going out for the shopping of your Kirana / Grocery items, Near Your Kirana Store or Shopping Mall … and just calculate and see What are the things you are going to Spend ?? . . .  .  .   .   .   .

1)    Physically you will have to Dress Well and then go out Alone or with 1-2 of your Family Member. – Labour, 1-2 Manpower.

2)    Taking a Huge Bag in your hand. – Labour and Personal Image.

3)    Taking out your Vehicle (Bike or Car). – Labour, Use of Asset and Time.

4)    Filling Petrol,  at least Rs. 50 to 200 or 300, if it is already their.. then you are going to consume at least  the said amount. – Money and Time.

5)    Driving. – Labour, Time, Manpower, Tiredness and Risk factor.

6)    Waiting at Kirana Store in front of huge Crowd and Waiting or Choosing products. – 1-2 Hours Loss from your Life Time and also Buying unwanted Products.

7)    Standing in Line for Billing. – Billing of your Grocery Items takes huge Time these days (It’s minimum of 10 min. to 1 Hr.).

8)    Carrying your Huge Weighted Kirana / Grocery items in your Hand / Trolley till your Vehicle and Unloading. – Labour, Time, Manpower, Personal Image.

9)    Driving to your home with Huge Weight on your Bike. – Takes Time, Labour, Man Hour, Risk Factor.

10) Taking huge weights till your Flat, which is situated on the 1 st floor or on the 4-5-6 th floor. Or if you live in the RowHouse or in the Bunglow than still you will have to carry it from your Bike/Car till your Room. — Carrying Huge Weight, Tiredness, May Occur Physical Problems Like Back Pain / Knee Pain / Shoulder Pain etc and Irritations. 

10)  After these much of work you become Tired and Energy Less.

11)  It consumed your about Minimum of 1 Hour and average of 2-3 Hours of your Life, every Month or Twice (2) in a Month.

Calculating these all, you will see that if you will Shop Online your Kirana / Grocery Products at NashikGrocery.Com; You will be in Huge Benefits, and will be Able to Live Your Life Like a King. 🙂 

We don’t play games with our customers and we are dedicated to serve them till perfection.

Reasons of Shipping Charges and What We Give More To You:

  • Please Don’t be seduced by the flowery words to purchase the Grocery Product, and with the people who says Free Home Delivery (They use to adjust, more than the Delivery Charges in the Grocery Products).
  • We Saves your Time, Money, Energy, and Health and Helps you to get Health, Time with the Family / Business, Enjoy and Relax. We need Standard People like You to Shop Online Kirana, Grocery, those who understands the Value of Time, Money and Family. We Do a Disciplined Business and Gives the Best Service to You.
  • We do NOT Say Free Delivery and give Delivery after 1 or 2 days, the Poor Quality Products and adjust the Delivery charges in the Product Price, like others in the Game.
  • We Respect Your Secrecy, Privacy and Standard of Living.
  • We invest Manpower, Petrol, Time, Labour, Vehicle, Technology to Give you On Time Home Delivery of your Kirana / Grocery Products at Best Price and Quality.
  • As we have NO Retail Physical Shop, We do only Home Delivery at your Door Step. Only business we have is Online Kirana / Grocery Store in Nashik Maharashtra, India.
  • We gives Free Delivery Offers time to time or on Particular Occasions and Area (Free Delivery Offers are only for a Day, informed via Facebook, SMS, E-Mail, and on Site Banners).
  • Please Register Your Address, Mobile Phone, E-Mail, Name and Like on Facebook to Know Free Delivery Offers, % Discount, and other Offers time to time. Register and Make Your Account at NashikGrocery.Com .
  • The Products we do Home Delivery at Your Door Step is having Huge Weight. It Isn’t Pendrive or Mobile Phone average Kirana, Grocery product is some 10 – 30 Kg. each.
  • We Deploy Some Man Power to Serve Your Better Home Delivery Service and make your Online Kirana / Grocery Shopping Easy and Happy Experience. So that you will give us an Opportunity To Serve You Every time.
  • Goal: The day will come with the Huge Turnover and Demand from the every part of the Nashik City, and we will give your 100 % free Home Delivery at your Door Step. With the Goal of Same Day Delivery, Best Quality Grocery Product at Better Price.

Please Register Your Address, Mobile Phone, E-Mail, Name and Like on Facebook to Know Free Delivery Offers, % Discount, and other Offers time to time. Register and Make Your Account on NashikGrocery.Com .

We will serve YOU Better;

Happy Online Shopping Of Your Grocery, Kirana in Nashik Maharashtra, India.

We are professionals in this field and you can be assured with the highest standard we are providing.

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